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Beehive Gallery rent the spaces for handmade craft items

If you make some handmade jewellery, cards, clothes, bags, and other small craft or fashion items, please apply membership and keep the space as your own small shop.



Beehive Gallery conditions to start (2012, 2013)


  1. Membership fee $20 :(Permanent, One off)


  1. Space fee (Monthly)
    (* Prices are subject to change. Please confirm the prices when you start.)

           ·         Shelf, Glass cabinet: $30-$80 for 1month (Average $50-$60 p.m)

·         Small: 33cmW x 33cmH x 38cmD: $25-$50 pm

·         Medium: 55cmW x 30cmH x 26cmD: $40-$65 pm

·         Large: 65cmW x 30cmH x 26cmD: $50-$75

·         X Large: 80cmW x 30cmH x 26cmD: $60-$80 pm

·         Glass cabinet (with light from top): 30cmW x 33cmH x 30cmD: $55-$65

·         Walls: 100cmW x 250cmH : from $120 for 1month (please ask for the details)

·         Tables (60cm x 100cm): $130 - $155 for 1month

·          Hangers (for clothes and bags): for up to 20 items (10 items display, 10 items stocking) from $75 for 1month


@ Multiple space discount for 2nd, 3rd,cspaces :  20% off

* Discount rates are applied to the cheaper spaces


  1. Sales commissions:

January to October: 20%

November: 23%

December: 25%


@ Sales amount in Christmas season (November, December) is average 3 times more than other months!




1 term: 1st of the month to the end of the month

@ You can start anytime!

Minimum charge for the first time: for 1month + extra days


eg: start from 15/Nov:

            The first charge will be for 16days (15th to 30th Nov) + 1month (December)



To start, please prepareG


  • Your items to sell
  • Display items (eg. jewellery stand, container, place mat, c)
  • Business card, contact details, itemsf information (optional)
  • Price tags (please set up the prices by yourself)
  • Application form
  • Fees to start (Membership fee, Space fee)


Sales report and payment


  • Sales report e-mail will be sent to you weekly.
  • Sales money will be paid monthly by bank deposit.



Memberfs discount for shopping in Beehive Gallery


  • Japanese imported items: 10% off
  • Japanese craft materials (Fabrics and papers): 20% off

(The discount is not applied to the items made by other members)



For further information, please read gTerms and conditionsh in website.

http://beehivegallery.com.au/   (English)

http://blog.livedoor.jp/beehive2006/  (Japanese)




Beehive Gallery: ABN: 23024287114
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